Saskatchewan Driving Schools

Welcome to our Saskatchewan driving school directory. We have a list of local Saskatchewan driving schools offering driving lessons and driver training. If you have specific needs, let us know and we'll try to help you find the right driving school. Most of the driving schools listed below offer new driver programs, refresher courses, driving lessons, defensive driving courses and driver education. Also, read: How to find a good driving school

School locations & phone numbers:

Precision Driving School

247 Hunt Road Saskatoon Saskatchewan

(306) 955-5680

Supreme Driving School

413 Albert Avenue Saskatoon Saskatchewan

(306) 653-3619

Gordon's Driving School

423 Highlands Crescent Saskatoon Saskatchewan


Hermes Driving School

139 George Road Saskatoon Saskatchewan


International Driving School

638 Fisher Crescent Saskatoon Saskatchewan


Acclaim Driver Training

62 Lennon Crescent Saskatoon Saskatchewan

(306) 229-3837

Class 1A Safety Instruction Center Ltd.

2324 Faithful Avenue Saskatoon Saskatchewan


Klassen Driving School

106 Chotem Crescent Saskatoon Saskatchewan


Maximum Training for the Trucking Industry

60th Street East Unit 863 A Saskatoon Saskatchewan


T.M. Driver Education

515 Kendering Road Unit # 133 Saskatoon Saskatchewan


Traffic Safety Driver Education

226 Bornstein Court Saskatoon Saskatchewan

(306) 249-2552

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At, we are committed to providing the most information as possible to help you find the right driving school. If you're looking for specialty driver training or you have a question, please feel free to contact us. Or, if you're the owner of a driving school in Saskatchewan and want to add your school do our directory, let us know.